about adsoup

Adsoup was built for agencies and small business

Sales CRM, Live Chat, Small Business

Adsoup is a sales CRM that unifies social Messaging, Email & Live chat into a simple sales pipeline and reporting.

Monitor all inbound sales lead platforms on a single dashboard and report on the revenue generated from each platform.

Built for agencies and business with a big digital foorprint but a small sales team.

Why did we build Adsoup?

There were four reasons why we built this tool.

  • We wanted a tool that wasn’t charging us a fortune per user.
  • We wanted to be able to track the revenue and conversion on pipeline sales, rather than just on the first enquiry.
  • We wanted to have all our inbound and communication channels in the one dashboard.
  • We wanted a service that understood how we do sales in Asia, with messaging as the first touch point of a business.

Who built Adsoup

Adsoup is a small team of dedicated developers and an ex-digital marketing agency owner, based in Bangkok, Thailand.

We’re are passionate about building great tools, being based in Asia, we understand what business need in a messaging first world, we understand that business need better reporting on more than just “Email sent = Conversion”.

Our goal is to make the best possible sales tool we can, by working closely with business always changing needs, we add features and upgrades constantly.