Let your customers choose the channel

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All your leads in one place

All Platforms

No matter where your customers are contacting you from:  Email, Line, Facebook Messenger, live chat, Twitter direct messages you can answer all their questions from one place.

Chats on the Go

Never miss a chat, even when you’re away from the computer with our Android & iOS application.

Merge Chats

If a customer messages you on Facebook, then you start talking on Line, then you send them an email, you can merge all the chats together so you don’t lose any information.

Change platform

Send an email or Facebook message from the same chat. Respond on the channel your customer is on, and never change your experience.

Manage your sales easier

Simultaneous Chats

Adsoup feels just like a messenger service, where you can easily jump between conversations with a single click, and get notified when there is a new message.


Don’t miss new chats or messages from your customers or team with alerts and notifications in your dashboard and desktop.

Record Customer Details

As you’re doing your sales chat, you can record any additional information and add notes to the contact for your inbuilt CRM.

Chat history

Rather than having to scroll through a messive thread of messages, just “star” a message and it saves to the history section for fast access.

A pipeline to track your sales

Change Stages

You can either drag and drop your chats through the pipeline, or select the stage from a list in the chat.

Track Value

By adding a value to each of your chats, you can estimate your sales future revenue at any time. Supports most currencies

Organise Your Sales

Knowing where how far along the sales process you leads are, will help you to better manage your business and forcast revenue.

Jump From Pipeline To Chat

If a customer contacts you while in the sales process, you can just jump right back into the conversation from the piepline.

Report on your revenue

ROI Made Simple

Know the value of each channel you are investing money into, and what channel is returning revenue.

Social Messaging

Understand the actual income that your social marketing, livechat or email marketing is generating your business.

How Many Leads Lost

Track the number of lost or unqualified chats you have to better judge your marketing performance.

Easy One-Page View

No need to click through many pages to get relevant and useable information. Its all on one page.

Work with ease

Intra Team Chat

You can @message team members to notify them of relevant information or tasks.

Stored Documents

Send uploaded brochures or other documents in a chat or via email with only 2 clicks.

Sales CRM, Live Chat, Small Business

Canned Responses

Rather than typing out the same response over and over, use a #hashtag or select from a list.

Sales CRM, Live Chat, Small Business

Easy CRM

After you have won a sale, access customer details and past conversations in the CRM.

Sales CRM, Live Chat, Small Business
Sales CRM, Live Chat, Small Business

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  • 10 GB storage
  • Unlimited leads
  • 5 staff member