August 02, 2023
Explore how live chat can provide real-time support, reduce costs & increase sales. Learn to implement, measure success & increase engagement for your business.

In the modern business world, attractive websites, product/service quality, or competitive prices are no longer enough to thrive. Businesses, tiny ones, have to adapt to the ever-changing demands of customers in the digital age. One such market is fast, reliable, and real-time customer support. This is where live chat comes into play. This post will provide a comprehensive guide for small businesses on why live chat is essential, how to implement it, and how to measure success and improve engagement. 

We'll explore the benefits of live chat to small businesses, such as consumer trust, cost savings, and increased sales. Further, we will provide tips on selecting the right live chat tools and preparing your customer service reps to embrace this new communication channel effectively. Lastly, we talk about assessing the success of your live chat feature and enhancing customer engagement over time.

Benefits of Live Chat for Small Businesses

Around 33% of consumers anticipate seeing live chat on every site. Let’s delve into why live chat is imperative to your small business.

A major benefit is reaping trust from consumers. Stephanie Heitman's article describes the opportunity that live chat provides to bridge the gap between online and offline purchases, boosting customer trust. Engage in real-time conversations with your consumers. Also, 90% of consumers feel the presence of a live chat button brings about confidence that help will be available when needed.

Live chat diminishes support costs. Telus International research indicates that live chat is approximately 50% cheaper than handling phone calls. Representatives can engage in up to six chats concurrently, scaling down the customer service team and saving costs.

An essential aspect of live chat is customer satisfaction. A study shows satisfaction levels of 73% for live chat, 61% for email, and 44% for phone support. Providing speedy answers and convenience gives live chat an edge over other methods, consequently boosting customer experience.

Furthermore, using live chat increases sales, as the American Marketing Association found that businesses that used live chat saw on average a 20% increase in sales. The immediate real-time availability to answer customer questions can significantly influence their buying decision.

Implementing Live Chat: Tools and Best Practices

Having explored the benefits of using live chat for small businesses, how do you implement it? There are numerous live chat tools available in the market; you'll need to opt for one that suits your business needs.

Select a tool that centralizes your chats, emails, and other support channels all within one platform. This allows agents to focus in one place and handle customer inquiries effectively. Tools that allow the display of names and photos help establish a more personal rapport with customers.

Prepare your customer service reps for the task. They need to recognize customer concerns and provide satisfactory solutions quickly. Adopt a conversational chat style for a more inviting feel. An agent should be able to handle precise cues for communicating with different customers effectively.

Ensure your chat tool offers 24/7 support or covers the feasible hours for your business. In the absence of live chat, direct your customers to self-service options.

Measuring Success and Improving Live Chat Engagement

Measurement of success primarily relies on data collected. The live chat data will give valuable insights into agent productivity, customer experience, and product decisions. Develop a tagging system for your chats. Tagging by type helps identify areas in your product that may need attention. 

Another way to measure success is by the increase in customer engagement and sales. With live chat, customers' accessibility to your business improves, positively impacting your bottom line.

To improve live chat engagement, make live chat readily available. This will allow a customer to get immediate answers when needed.

Prompt responses determine the effectiveness of live chat—train service representatives to handle multiple chats simultaneously while providing accurate responses. Use the opportunity to build customer trust by asking for their contact information and providing a more personalized experience.

In summary, live chat provides an avenue for real-time customer service, cost savings, customer satisfaction, increased sales, and improved customer experience. It’s an essential tool for any business looking forward to delivering value to its customers, building trust, and increasing sales


Technology has revolutionized the way businesses interact with customers. Adding a live chat increases customer satisfaction and optimises the sales process. It's clear that in the fast-paced digital age, having a live chat isn't just a fun addition to your website but a digital must-have. 

There are various tools available, so it's important to choose one that aligns with your business goals and customer needs. Prepping your customer service team and leveraging data for performance measurement are both crucial elements in achieving live chat success. Following the guidelines detailed in this post can boost your small business and journey towards greater customer engagement and increased revenue. Live chat is no longer an option for businesses; it's necessary for survival in the modern digital marketplace.

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